EACH OF US IS BY DEFINITION AS CHRISTIAN, ALSO A STEWARD.  We are the ones to whom the Gospel of our Lord has been entrusted.  We are the ones who have chosen to follow, and 'to do the work He has given us to do.'


As stewards we realize that what we have isn't really ours at all. Everything we have comes from and ultimately belongs to God.  We take nothing with us when we leave this world and enter the promises that wait for us.  We've been entrusted with the blessings that make up a lifetime- gifts that allow us to live out our lives in fullness and happiness.  With our stewardship comes a responsibility to share with and care for others, and above all to serve God and God's purposes with our very being.


We ask each member of our congregation to consider the blessings they enjoy and to consider how they can give openly out of their abundance to help support the mission and ministry of this parish with their time, talent, and treasure.  After considering your blessings prayerfully, we hope that you will make a commitment to support the good work of St. Peter's Parish.



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