Mission and Outreach

Saint Peter's has a long tradition of helping those in need within our local community, the larger region and across the globe. With many hands, we do our best to serve where we're needed as we do the work Christ has given us to do.



Just Lunch

In 2016 St. Peter's began "Just Lunch", a program designed to provide lunch to high school students at Poolesville High School.  Saint Peter's provided an average of 350 lunches to students each week during the 2015/2016 school year.  For students that could not afford lunch, forgot  lunch or were not able to pack a lunch for a variety of reasons, or just needed a place of respite from an overcrowded lunch room, found a safe haven at St. Peter's.  Just lunch is a community labor of love and is staffed by volunteers from the community at large.  Fifty percent of our donations come from outside the St. Peter's community as well as our volunteer staff.  When students were asked why they come to st. Peter's the responses were as diverse as the students we serve.  They include:  " I like the frienedly environment and we feel like the staff care about us".  "Friends who can't afford to buy lunch or forget to pack lunch get to eat without feeling embarressed".  " My parents were out of work for a few months and I was able to eat lunch every day even when I could not afford it."  " I can eat with my friends even when I have no lunch money".  " I like the food and it is healthier than the gas station."  "there is no food at home and I get to eat."

Just Lunch is volunteer run and supported by donations from the community. Volunteer opportunities are available and if you are interested in supporting Just Lunch please contact klongbrake@gmail.com.


Mother's Day Out and Early Childhood Program

St. Peter's Mother's Day Out is a ministry that reaches out to stay at home parents, parents who

work from home, and parents that work part time in our community. Children 6 months old to 5

years can attend MDO.

MDO is open on Tuesdays from 9:15 AM to 1:00 PM during the school year.

The children participate in free play, stories, and crafts and songs depending on their age group.

MDO allows a free day for parents to do errands or get some tasks completed without their

children. The children also have a great time playing with kids their own age and enjoying the


St. Peter’s Early Childhood Program is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing children quality learning experiences, while cultivating their spiritual awareness. It provides children with the opportunities to develop socially, emotionally, and spiritually in a group outside of their home. It is their first major step towards independence. This is an opportunity for growth, fun, and learning to love each other the way God loves us and to care for and respect his creation. This opportunity is provided in an environment especially equipped for and suited to the needs of young children.



Community Dinners

Saint Peter's hosts a Community Dinners every other month (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov). These dinners help Poolesville and St. Peter's build a sense of community and while we gratefully accept donations to offset the cost of the dinners, they are free to anyone who needs a meal and open to the public.  Our hope is that they continue to provide a place for the community to come together and celebrate our common bonds as well celebrate the diversity of Poolesville..


Rector's Discretionary Good Samritan Fund Ministry

St. Peter's reaches out to those who turn up on our door step seeking assistance whenever we can. We usually coordinate our assistance with WUMCO but make every effort to provide assistance when we can for rent, food, utility bills, medical and dental bills, scholarships, car repairs and tuition assistance.   To donate to this ministry Click Here and designate "Rector's Discretionary Fund." 


Helping Hands

Saint Peter's is joining with other local churches to provide small home repairs and improvements to persons in need within our local community on an ongoing basis. Projects are based on need and scope and are funded and completed by gifts of money and talent.


Habitat for Humanity

We often take part in Habitat projects in Poolesville, the surrounding community, and the wider County.


Preschool Story Time

On many Wednesdays throughout the year volunteers from St. Peter's offer Preschool Storytime, alternating between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm. This free program invites children who are not yet in elementary school to come and enjoy bible stories, songs, crafts, snacks and games.  


Rebuilding Together

This is an annual project to rehabilitate a home in our community working through a larger County-wide program. Some may remember "Christmas in April", this project's former name, as it happens each April. Volunteers provide resources and labor to help those in need with improvements and repairs to their home.


Rummage Sale The Women of St. Peter's (WSP) sponsor rummage sales twice a year that benefit our parish and community at large. Originally intended as a fundraiser for the  Women of St. Peter's (WSP) various service projects, our rummage sales have become a whole parish labor of love as we realize  the need for folks from all walks of life, especially those with limited income to shop for their families, with dignity and and respect. Clothing, furniture  and household items are offered at  reasonable prices and the proceeds from the sale fund many of our outreach efforts as well as support our operating budget.


Thrift Shop

Saint Peter's supports the local Friendly Thrift Shop at 17617 West Willard Road. By finding volunteers to serve at the thrift shop when it is open (W,F,Sa,Su), we are able to help people with low cost but very essential items. Profits from the Thrift Shop are shared with area churches for their outreach efforts as well as scholarships for local students..


Vacation Bible School

Saint Peter's offers an annual Vacation Bible School each summer that serves more than 60 local children, most of whom are not members of the parish. It is an important offering of the parish for the local community.


WUMCO (Western Upper Montgomery County) Help

St. Peter's supports our local regional outreach with financial support and volunteers. We collect food for the WUMCO food pantry on the first Sunday of each month. We also adopt families in need around the holidays and collect hats and gloves for WUMCO to distribute in the winter months. In addition, we help with what will become an annual Fall 'Funraising ' Walk and festival to raise money for WUMCO. WUMCO is a valuable resource for those in need in upper Montgomery County.



Adult Mission Trips

Periodically adults go from St. Peter's to places all over the country in order to lend a hand to those in need. Most recently a group traveled to Appalachia to help with home repairs.


Bishop's Appeal

Saint Peter's supports the Bishop's Appeal for the Diocese of Washington. The Bishop's Appeal funds many programs and outreach efforts of the diocese, including support for the Bishop Walker School, Youth Ministry, Latino Ministry and our companion relationships with South Africa and Jerusalem.  


Frederick Mission

Members of St. Peter's travel to Frederick one Saturday a month to provide a dinner for the men who live at the Frederick Rescue Mission.


Frederick Soup Kitchen

Saint Peter's has a long tradition of providing the evening meal on Christmas Day at the Frederick Soup Kitchen. Saint Peter's members and friends travel to Frederick to prepare and serve the meal for all who come.


Walker School for Boys

Saint Peter's supports the work of the Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys as it offers a free private education to boys in the 8th ward of Washington D.C. When possible we collect funds and resources for the school which operates solely through the generosity of donors and the Diocese of Washington.  Our Mother's and Father's day offerings are donated to the Bishop Walker School.



Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD)

ERD is the worldwide relief agency of the Episcopal Church. Saint Peter's supports ERD through  fund raising efforts and special appeals around global disasters. The parish sent thousands of dollars to ERD for tsunami and earthquake relief and rebuilding in recent years.


Hope in South Africa

Started through a partnership with the Anglican Church in Richmond, South Africa in 2005, Hope in South Africa has grown out of our parish efforts to create a regional hub for services and educational resources to the communities in the area around Richmond, South Africa. Hope in South Africa has many partners all over the world who make this ministry possible. Recent efforts have included building and resourcing a community center as well as raising awareness of HIV/AIDS and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. You can learn more about Hope in South Africa by visiting the website here.


Mission Trips

As needs arise and funds can be raised, St. Peter's engages in mission around the country and around the world. Most recently trips included serving those in need in Colorado and the Gulf Coast. North Carolina, and  Appalachia. We participate and sponsor mission trips for youth, adults, and through the Diocese of Washington. 



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